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Manstore broadened the narrow horizon of “men's underwear” a long time ago. Even the word “underwear” causes a tired smile with the customers and sellers of the extravagant collection. The word “outerwear” might just be accepted, but “provocative outfit” is certainly the best explanation.

It's hard to believe, but only in 1983 the world's first underwear store for men opened in Amsterdam – the Manstore. In the same year, Hans Schöller founded the label with the same name, which led to great success. A boom of opening Manstores followed.

In 1995, the stylist Alfons Kreuzer took over the label and presented the first collection in Paris. In 2002, the Premium Bodywear AG in Chemnitz took over the brand rights. The internationalization of the brand was intensified.

The brand focuses on designs without any taboos or conventions. Manstore understands the language of the target group like no other. Men with confident sex appeal who buy and wear underwear according to desire and passion. They appreciate the seductive aspect and look at their private selection as a welcoming choice for the erotic (fore)play.

Manstore focuses on narcissists, who adopt the erotic body culture as fetish and who would like to carry it to extremes. These men would never wear just “anything”. They know exactly that they have to dress well in order to get undressed in the same manner. With frequently new fabrics, colors, styles and details, Manstore triggers a collector's passion, which finds its expression with admirers of all kinds of topics.